MEASURABLE RESULTS FOR YOUR BUSINESS Whether you’re a CEO or sales representative

you’ll gain tools to help you perform at your best.


Open the door to the Secrets of High Performers.

Looking for a business mentor who does things differently? Let’s talk.

With a background in professional sport and more than 30 years’ experience coaching mental toughness, I’ve helped international athletes increase their ranking and my specialised techniques will do the same for you in business.

How to find a profession with passion

Whether you’re a CEO or sales representative, you’ll gain tools to help you perform at your best – from changing your perspective and controlling your reactions to reading people so you can get the best from them, too.

You’ll work towards achieving ‘flow’ – an inner state that perfectly balances your thoughts, actions and feelings to increase productivity and clarity.


My varied international experience, working with top-level executives in companies such as Diesel Denim, Replay, Prince and Siemens, has armed me with remarkable insight into what it takes to succeed in business.

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