SPORTS PERFORMANCE COACH Finding the IPS (Ideal Performance State)

Open the door to the Secrets of High Performers.


My interest in high performance sports coaching started with my professional tennis career in Germany more than 30 years ago.

I distinctly remember discovering mental toughness and the positive impact it had on my own court performance. When I first started looking at the effects the subconscious had on endurance and performance, I wasn’t taken seriously.

Of course, it’s now widely recognised that an athlete’s mental state is just as important as their physical state.

I’ll work with you to establish your mindset, habits and weaknesses, then address those without fitness. It’s all about finding the perfect point of optimum performance – a knife-edge balance between relaxation and tension.

Once I’ve found that point, I’ll work with you to reach it more deliberately, more often.


You’ll learn techniques and strategies to focus and deal with your emotions better, so you can more easily enter your ‘flow’ – a unique inner state that harmonises your thoughts, actions and feelings. This flow state leads to better performances and higher rankings, which I’ve demonstrated time and again through my work with world-class international coaching clients.

But don’t just take my word for it, hear what my clients have to say.

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