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Rob Moore - Climbing NZ

Climbing New Zealand’s Speed Programme

The program was written up with very clear structure and specific goals. It outlines the pathway we are trying to take to get to Paris and the work that we need to put in to get there…A Lot!
I presented this document to High Performance Sport NZ and they were very excited. After a whirlwind few weeks and a tonne of learning about how the HP environment works, we were rewarded by receiving funding for the program heading to Paris and hopefully LA. The amount of funding is not huge when comparing to other sports, but what is the most value in my opinion is the recognition of our sport through that process. 
With the funding comes other opportunities that we have not been privy too in the past.

'We get to work with specific speed and power coaches, speed and agility coaches, get state of the art testing equipment to test explosive power and where athletes have specific weaknesses, mental coaches and more.'

The HPSNZ funding has really opened doors that were only there for the Major sports in the past. One of the really exciting coaches that we are working with is Ola Rudinska the Olympic speed record holder form Poland. Ola is our Beta coach and works remotely on each athletes beta from videos I send her of the climbers. This has made really amazing changes.
Currently we are 7 weeks into the program. Unfortunately the ICC woman’s cricket World Cup meant that our training was very interrupted for 4 weeks, but we all pushed through and are out the other side back on the Speedwall full time. We have specific objective goals to hit every 6 months and already we are tracking faster than projected. Its an exciting program for the athletes and I’m really stoked with their dedication and determination. Hopefully this exciting discipline will get more coverage as we start to do a little better and the program will grow and develop. As speed climbing becomes more popular in other regions, I’m really sure we will start to see more athletes joining the program for LA28 and hopefully onto Brisbane32.

I look forward to seeing you all later in the year! – Klaus

Holly S - International Kayaker

Before doing sessions with Klaus I was a good canoe slalom paddler. I could do everything when training and could do it well, however, as soon as I went to compete in a race, I would put an overwhelming amount of pressure on myself, would focus on my competitors and would aim to be faster than them, and then would usually not paddle to my highest potential. Now, Klaus has taught me how to handle all of this and change my mindset for the better. He has taught me to focus on what I can control and my performance rather than focussing on the outcome. He has taught me to visualise which takes away a great deal of nerves as I feel as though I have already practised the course even though I physically have not, and he has taught me about being in a constant present focus.

'He has taught me about energy and how to always give my all and he has guided me towards being in my flow state while competing which has been amazing. All of this has helped with my canoe slalom performances immensely and I could never thank him enough.'

I have just finished my competition season and could not be more proud of myself for how I competed. I have never felt this close to having a perfect run as I have now and it is truely an amazing feeling.

 Feel more connected with my boat and so much less tense while I paddle, and I am finally producing runs at competitions which I can be so proud of and have portrayed what I have been training so hard for. Klaus has been truely amazing and has changed the way that I paddle and my mindset towards paddling forever. All that he has taught me has also been helping with my schoolwork and other extracurricular activities that I wish to achieve highly in so I am so thankful for all that I have learnt.

Good luck in Italy! – Klaus

Thomas Grummitt - Dynomites Climbing

'Klaus is an amazing teacher, and his tips and tricks helped to not only achieve my first medal at a national level, but also improve my school performance.

I found all my goals far easier to achieve under Klaus' tutelage. Thank you Klaus for expanding my understanding of performance.'


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